She never held back from giving kindness, She never run out of her warm smile,  calm as a peaceful ocean always pleasant and selfless …. that is the Genet portrayed in our hearts…… such a beautiful soul she was!


A few months ago, Genet Asfaw was with us very active and alive - every day her goodness was shared with us. Busy or not, She made time to listen and give solution. She made time to work, to talk and laugh with us.  The amazing truth is that none of us knew any one of those moments could be the last of what she could share. How precious is a human being? How scarce are we to each other? Genet knew the answers to those questions and in all she did all of us who had the chance to make her acquaintance felt valued. 


Hers was a life lived! Heaven shall be glad to have her! As for us, her friends and family members, losing her is very sad but knowing her will always be cherished!

Genet Asfaw, a mother of three children and a member of our united family, passed away and her funeral was held yesterday June 22,2020 at the Holy Trinity church. 


Our deepest condolences to her families and friends!


May God rest her soul!