The Annual Staff Day celebration of United Bank S.C. for FY 2016/17 took place at the Addis Abeba Golf Club on February 4, 2017.

The event was opened with a key-note address made by the Bank’s president Ato Taye Dibekulu who began his address noting that it evokes a pleasant feeling to observe the sight of the employees of the Bank in such a great number. Continuing with his address Ato Taye talked about on the achievements made by the Bank that entails among others: a rise in the number of branches in a notable size as well as a boost in deposits and loans, during the 2015/16 fiscal period.

The President also accentuated on the endeavors made by the Bank during the budget year towards the betterment of its employees. Accordingly, he recalled the Bank during the period made a three steps salary increment and a 2 months bonus for its employees. He also noted United Bank paid back its employees an assured sum amount of more than 7 million on a matured endowment policy of 10 years payment tenure for 394 employees. The president also emphasized the Bank has endeavored to boost the capacities of its employees via different tailored trainings and Human Resource development programs.

In his address Ato Taye recalled the 2015/16 Annual Management Meeting’s theme held at Adama - “Excellence in Customer Service”- and noted the rationale behind the theme reflects the spirit that should abide us in our endeavor to come out triumphant surfing through all  the challenges that are ever growing in intensity and size.

Concluding his address, he passed his appreciation for 25 employees who made valuable contributions on the Bank’s deposit mobilization effort managing to mobilize more than Birr 100,000 over a period of 6 months in different branches. Similarly, a prize of Birr 5,000.00 and a certificate was extended for 3 employees who have made an outstanding individual contribution in the deposit mobilization effort of their respective branches. Accordingly, Ato Zafu Eyesuswork Zafu - Chairman, Board of Directors, handed over the prizes for the succeeders.

The event featured different entertaining packages including musical entertainment and lot drawing. Consequently, Winners in the lot drawing received prizes from the Assistant Board Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, Ato Getamessay Degefu.  

The Annual Staff Day for the 2016/17 was dignified by the presence of the Board of Directors of the Bank and employees of more than 82 branches found in Addis Abeba.